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"Globe Serve has shown extreme diligence in providing Quality IT Talent with a quick turnaround time.  This enabled effective delivery at several critical moments..."
      Andrew C, Team Lead, Fidelity Investments - Boston,MA

"It has been a pleasure working with Bright Talent provided by Globe Serve. Their meticulous Talent Recruitment & Retention processes does speak up."
         Karan M, Consultant, NRG - Princeton,NJ


Museum and Photo Industry Management System
One complete solution for your Image and Art Licencing - Digital Archive Management -Consignment Management - Image Sale tools -
E-Commerce - Financial Tools

Data Backup and Synchronization Software
To backup huge Open Email files incrementally over the internet in seconds.
As a single solution for enterprise wide transparent synchronization and backup of every single user's data that has no learning curve for the
users and is easy to deploy.
To keep the network and offline data synchronized and at the same time use the virtual network feature to get a consistent look and feel in
connected and disconnected states.
Have On demand, scheduled, event driven or real time backup.
Use virtual network feature as a network accelerator, minimizing network traffic to the remote site.
Have encrypted, compressed and incremental server to server backup to a remote branch.

Billing, Practice Management and Financial Software for Law Offices
Simplifies all of your billing tasks including tracking time, billing clients and receiving payments.
Flexibility to unbill and rebill any statement at any time.
Tracks who still needs to turn in time or sign off on a final bill.
Quick access to client information you need, such as recent bills, unbilled work and prior payments.
Provides insight into your firm's productivity and profitability by area of practice, case and attorney.
Automatically e-mails PDF's of your statements and reports.
Collection reports that show you which clients are late with payments.
Flexibility to customize the look of your statement and bill the way you want to.
Security so that people only see information they are supposed to see.

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